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Educational sets for InEdu project are now ready!

The first printed copies of the educational sets which were produced as part of InEdu project have now arrived. They have been designed by educators from Poland, England, Austria and Ireland. These sets are aimed at helping the teachers in preparing fascinating classes. The students will gather knowledge about nature, learn how to think critically and drawing conclusions independently. The form of the set is based on the Japanese Kamishibai theatre where a miniature stage (butai box) can be decorated with different elements and allows the teacher to build the story up during consecutive phases of the project.

Our protagonist is Zoja the hedgehog which is born in the spring in a city garden. Together with Zoja the children get to know the surrounding world of nature. When summer comes, Zoja is bigger and learns how to find food by herself. In autumn she prepares for hibernation and looks for a good shelter. In winter it awakens suddenly and manages to survive thanks to the help of people who know how to care for animals and are responsible for them.

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