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Time to sum up!

InEdu – the first international project launched by the Children’s University Foundation is now completed. In the past two years we have primarily promoted new educational methods based on international good practices and on strengthening the children’s critical thinking competencies.

We took part in workshops and seminars with our partners from the United Kingdom (The University of Bedfordshire School of Teacher Education), Ireland (ProActivate Ireland) and Austria (Kinderbüro Universität Wien) and shared our knowledge and experience. We have jointly organized eight meetings (Galway, Bedfordshire, Vienna, Krakow) during which we developed tools for teachers and educators.

Thanks to our partners’ long-standing experience in the educational sphere we could share and present good practices in: teaching systems in the four partner countries (with a special focus on teacher education in the UK), the “outdoor education” idea, educational work aimed at promoting social inclusion, the original Question and Experiment Method, creating lesson scenarios and tools for teachers (physical and online), encouraging creativity in children, building a network of educational institutions in different fields (with a special focus on the cooperation of academics with schools and the third sector), initiating international exchange platforms for good practices (inspirations to create the Community of Practice group).

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